warm film floors

On a cold winter evening, you want your home to be warm and comfortable. I would like to put on a light silk robe and “cut” around the apartment barefoot, but this is not always possible, the very cold floor makes us wear — wool socks and shoes. If there are kids at home, then they do not like to dress at all; they like to run and frolic almost naked, like on the beach.

The question arises — how to make the floor in an apartment or house warm? There is a technology of underfloor heating, but it is very complex and time-consuming, but I hasten to please you – there are film underfloor heating! This is a modern technology for home insulation, it is very convenient to use, the floor can be insulated in just a couple of hours. The film spreads under the carpet or linoleum and plugs into the outlet – warm ready!

But the most important thing is not the speed of work, warm floors have many more advantages:

1) The film is very flexible , can repeat any curves of the interior.

2) It is divided into sections, if one of them stops heating, it can be replaced, while the other sections will work smoothly .

3) Term service 15 years

4) Save energy

5) And most importantly, film floors radiate not just heat, but “living heat” – infrared radiation, as you know, infrared waves are widely used in medicine and cosmetology. Therefore, we can safely say – “the film is useful for humans.”

6) The film can be dismantled when moving.

7) You can lay it yourself.

This is a novelty in the construction world, a person developing makes his life not only brighter, but also more comfortable.

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