waterproof tape.

Waterproofing tape is the most reliable and elastic element that is designed to protect the seam, joint and absolutely any connection from such adverse effects as water and humidity. The material also helps to seal those corners that are located both inside and outside the building, fills in those places where the walls meet the floor, and also takes care of drain holes and pipe outlets. Such a tape is very useful in those rooms where there is high humidity. This, in particular, is a bathroom, a bathroom, a pool, a balcony, a reservoir and other premises.

This kind of material will also help in isolating surfaces that have been coated with cement mortar, polymer and bituminous plastic, epoxy and polyurethane adhesive. An element can be wide enough and carry many different features. An excellent solution would be to use a similar tape, along with mastic and a special solution.

The main advantages of insulating tape:

• elastic;

• resistant to water;

• resistant to frost;

• not affected by acid and alkali;

• easy to use ;

• environmentally friendly;

• perfectly adheres to all surfaces;

• it is possible to create a closed waterproofing circuit.

Separately worth mentioning is the self-adhesive waterproofing tape. Such material is widely used for fastening various types of seams and joints in rooms where there is high humidity. Such an element looks like a non-woven fabric, which is covered with an impervious layer of polyethylene, as well as an adhesive base using acrylic substances. In order to provide additional protection to surfaces where high voltages are used and there is a risk of cracking, waterproofing mortars and mastics are supplied as an addition to the base tape.

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