We carry electricity to a residential building

There are three ways to supply electricity to a residential building:

— mount the electrical network yourself;

— partially do the work on your own and involve specialists for work that requires certain skills;

— place an order for power supply in a licensed company.

The initial action is to lay a cable from the general electrical network of the settlement to the electric meter.

If the distance from the connection point to the house is less than thirty meters, the cable can be carried through the air using a cable extension, the type of which must be specified in the project. The workers are working in stages. First, on the ground, with the help of hangers, the electric wire is attached to the cable, after which the cable is anchored at one end to the embedded parts of the house, then it is pulled with a chain hoist. The final adjustment of the sagging of the cable is made by a tension coupling.

The electric cable is attached to the insulators located on the wall of the house and is led out to the meter. After that, actions are taken on the internal wiring of electrical wires, in accordance with safety rules. After the cable is tensioned, all elements are grounded.

You can bring electricity to the house and underground. After the final laying of all underground communications, in accordance with the project and the norms of the PUE, a trench is dug for the pipe into which the cable is inserted. The pipe material is selected in accordance with the characteristics of the soil.

For all work on laying a power cable underground, it is necessary to draw up an act. Throughout the trench, after a certain distance, marks are made about the depth of the pipe.

The project for the construction and power supply of the house must contain data on the placement of special nozzles in the foundation. This is necessary if the entry of the power cable from the trench to the switchboard passes through the foundation. In addition, the project must take into account the placement of embedded parts during the construction process for attaching electrical wiring and other power supply elements to them.

Thus, to conduct external power supply to a residential building, it is necessary and sufficiently carefully prepare for work. Perform all actions in a safe manner and seek assistance from services with relevant experience.

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