We change ordinary windows to metal-plastic ones.

Metal-plastic windows are made from plastic and metal. Usually they are simply called plastic. PVC — PVC — the plastic component of such windows.

Windows made of plastic and metal consist of a profile and double-glazed windows, fittings and other components. The window profile is made of metal and PVC. The PVC profile at first does not have metal components. During production, it is reinforced with a steel frame to increase the strength, rigidity and stability of the structure.

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Metal-plastic windows with a reinforcing steel profile are strong and plastic, which allows them to be made in any shape, even round. It also makes metal-plastic windows more resistant to harsh weather conditions, which is important for those regions where the climate is unfavorable. The functionality and quality of such windows depends both on the profile and on other elements, and the final configuration of the window will be determined by the requirements of the customer.

For example , if it needs more heat-shielding properties, then they are equipped with energy-saving packages, and with increased security, anti-burglary fittings are installed, plus laminated glass. Metal-plastic windows, which have a special design, protect from external influences, they help create comfortable conditions for work and life, they are durable and reliable, plus they are undemanding in maintenance. You can buy such windows in specialized companies that manufacture and install such windows themselves.

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