We choose a brick for the construction of a country house.

Brick, as it has long been known, is a building material that has the properties of high quality and reliability. Until now, traditional brick technologies have been preserved, using which you can expect the same effect of quality and reliability as before.

Building a brick country house is not for all people, not such a cheap pleasure, but nevertheless all the benefits are fully paying off.

Consider the advantages of brick. First of all, brick walls have unseen soundproofing properties. In addition, they perfectly retain heat in the house, with the correct traditional or new laying technology. Red brick, mold and fungi are not afraid. In buildings built of brick, there is not always a need for special room insulation. Since brick, of course, in comparison with other building materials, is able to retain the maximum amount of heat in the room.

How to choose a brick for a country house? Red brick is a versatile material for such construction. It is necessary to carefully examine the brick when buying it. For example, a burnt brick is only suitable for laying the foundation of a future house. Such a brick has a dark core and burnt edges. Properly made material can be tested with a blow, if a clear and sonorous sound is heard from a brick, then this brick is good, and it really has all the properties of a universal material. For a country house, red brick is most suitable, as it is famous for its frost resistance and high reliability. It also has a high ability to maintain indoor comfort in all weather conditions. Brick is divided into grades from 75 to 200, which characterizes its tension strength. The higher its brand, the higher its strength and long-term stability.

In this article, we figure out which brick is best for building a country house. Having analyzed in detail all the properties of the building material, we choose the best.

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