What and how to paint concrete?

It is known that concrete has increased strength characteristics. Also, its positive quality is durability. But still, some traumatic effects can worsen the condition of concrete structures. To protect them from the occurrence of negative changes, you can use paint treatment. It protects the outer layer of concrete, which has a positive effect on the operation of the entire structure.

Which paint to choose for concrete?

Despite the fact that painting is considered a simple finishing method, there are some difficulties when working with concrete. Not every paint and varnish material is suitable for surface treatment of this kind. Therefore, the owner is required to first select the appropriate paint. Two of their types can be considered the most successful.

1. Acrylic paint for concrete

The basis of this type of paint are acrylic resins, which allow you to form a protective film on the treated surface. It protects concrete from both physical and chemical influences. Acrylic paints withstand high temperatures, resist moisture well. For concrete floors or walls in garages and basements, this material works very well.

2. Epoxy paint for concrete

Epoxy paint contains two main components. Before applying such a paintwork material, these components must be mixed. Although epoxy paint is not as aesthetically pleasing as acrylic, it has excellent performance. Thanks to it, the surface can be protected not only from moisture or UV radiation, but also from damage as a result of contact with alkalis, acids and other chemical components.

Treatment of concrete surfaces with paint

Before how to apply paint to the surface, the latter must be washed well. If there are potholes or bulges on the concrete, these defects should be eliminated first. Also, pre-concrete must be treated with a suitable primer. And only after it dries, they begin to apply paint. Concrete floors or walls are painted in 2 layers. Before applying the second one, it is necessary to wait for the previous one to dry.

You can paint both with a roller and with a brush. Concrete actively absorbs paints and varnishes, so the paint can be applied abundantly. After applying the second layer, it is enough to wait a day, and then proceed to the normal operation of the object

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