What are stretch ceilings? their properties.

Before talking about stretch ceilings and their properties, let's look at the very definition of “Stretch ceiling”. This is a kind of canvas construction, which is fixed on a metal baguette under the main stream. Today, stretch ceilings can be afforded by everyone, but not many dare to do so.

Their history of origin is about 15-20 years. Initially, stretch ceilings could be seen in the “new Russians”, but over time they gained mass character and became incredibly popular. Stretch ceilings are easy to install and have their own style. To date, there are many color solutions. Thanks to what they have become the ceilings of the 21st century.


Stretch ceilings have a huge mass of advantages, which lies in their properties. First, it is the simplicity of their design. It is enclosed in a thin film that is incredibly durable. It is attached to a baguette under the main ceiling using special materials. Secondly, this is the coloring, as mentioned earlier. Any picture can be applied to the ceiling, which will make it original, and you will become the owner of a chic interior that is unlike any other. Third is the installation process – it's easy! There is no need to remove furniture or move it. The installation is done without any inconvenience for the customer. Fourthly, the stretch ceiling has no bumps or seams. He looks self-sufficient. Fifth, ceilings require minimal maintenance. It consists in the fact that you wipe it once or twice a year with a damp sponge. Have you decided to install a stretch ceiling in your house yet?


The materials used for ceilings are frost-resistant, durable, impervious to water, non-flammable and corrosion-resistant, elastic and easy to clean. All this has a great effect on the sterility of the room. A perfect example is medical institutions in Europe, which install such ceilings in hospitals. Also not unimportant feature of such a ceiling is the acoustics and thermal insulation in the room. Stretch ceiling is the brightest solution for your room.

Spaces that are located on the ceiling can be equipped with lighting. Lamps are installed both around the perimeter and inside the canvas. You choose your location. Alternatively, an illuminated picture on the ceiling around the perimeter will look great. The minimum distance from the main ceiling where the canvas is attached is considered to be 2.5 – 4 cm.



Stretch ceiling can withstand any water pressure. If your neighbors flooded you, then the ceiling will save your apartment or house from such a nuisance. Masters will solve this problem in seconds. Mold does not form on the ceilings, which will favorably affect your health. Service life: from 10 years. Stretch ceilings, when used correctly, can increase the space of a room. This will reduce the cost of refurbishment to a lesser extent. But if you get tired of the design of your room, the ceiling can be easily removed and replaced with a new one.

In Russia, stretch ceilings are gaining popularity at an incredible speed, so the Russian market is actively interacting with companies such as Bravis Group Clipso and Cerutti (Italian company). These companies are famous for the quality of their products, durability, and affordability. Price for 1m? fluctuates between 800 – 1,000 rubles (with a picture). The most popular brands of stretch ceilings are: Long Life, Saros Design and Ceila Vi. Prices for these brands are lower than the above companies, they are 400 – 600 rubles per 1 m?.

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