What do you need to know about diesel boilers?

As a fuel for such heating equipment, fuel in liquid form, such as diesel fuel or fuel oil, is used. Heating boilers for diesel fuel do not require constant maintenance, they work in the winter season at full capacity. For continuous operation of the boiler, it is necessary to have a supply of fuel material. For fuel, a large tank is purchased, which is later attached to the fuel boiler. In this tank, constant monitoring of the fuel is necessary so that it does not run out. Which is the biggest negative in the smooth operation of the boiler. But, here it is also possible to install an automatic system.


An oil-fired boiler and a gas-fired boiler have a similar operating principle. The only difference is that the diesel boiler has a pump for pumping diesel fuel from the tank to the boiler. Therefore, the oil-fired boiler is endowed with high power and is installed on the floor. In this regard, it can heat large rooms of country houses, the area of ​​u200bu200bwhich is up to 500 square meters.

Diesel boilers can heat large industrial premises up to 10,000 square meters. Such boilers have a capacity of up to 1000 kW. A boiler can be connected to the diesel boiler for heating water, which is necessary for a comfortable stay. The boiler is connected directly to the boiler. The water is heated by the energy of the boiler. To operate the boiler and heat water, you should purchase a boiler with spare power.

Diesel boilers, with a replacement burner, can be converted to work on liquefied gas. For heating a summer house and a private house, it is recommended to use cast-iron diesel boilers. Some disadvantages of a liquid fuel boiler:

• obligatory presence of a furnace (separate room);

• expensive fuel;

• expensive boiler cost;< /p>

• noise during operation;

• fuel storage;

• fuel cleaning before burning;

• metal corrosion due to low-quality diesel fuel.< /p>

Due to all the disadvantages listed, you still have to purchase a diesel boiler (for lack of a gas pipeline). Before purchasing, you should consult with specialists who will be happy to tell you which equipment is in great demand.

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