What to choose: linoleum or laminate?

Equipmenting their own housing, almost everyone makes their own adjustments to it, making the home more comfortable and cozy. All this is achieved quite easily with the help of modern building materials and repairs. Repairs, of course, are not done often, but at the same time, wallpapers, floor and ceiling coverings are selected to be of the highest quality and more practical, which can last as long as possible.

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Especially, this relevant for apartments in which, in addition to adults, small children and animals live. Since children are very fond of running barefoot, the flooring is chosen with great care. That is why today we want to make a comparison between such popular flooring as linoleum and laminate.

Flooring is also selected directly from the type of room, since the floors in different objects are subjected to different loads. Linoleum today is available in various thicknesses. And depending on the traffic in the room, you need to choose linoleum with the appropriate thickness. So, for example, for residential apartments, linoleum under a laminate with a thickness of 1.3-1.5 mm is suitable, but for an office it is better to choose a three-millimeter coating. Comparing wear resistance, commercial linoleum can be used for about 25 years, household linoleum is 2 times less, about 12 years.

Choosing a laminate, you need to focus more on the class. So, for residential premises, a laminate of 21-23 classes is suitable, for public places more durable classes are chosen – 31-33. Commercial grade laminate can last no more than 12 years, and household laminate even less – 6 years.

Moisture resistance in both covering floors also differs. So linoleum is more moisture resistant, so it is more expedient to lay it in the kitchen or in bathrooms. Laminate under the influence of moisture can swell, so you need to carefully monitor the joints into which liquid should not get.

But in terms of fire resistance, the laminate is clearly superior to its rival, which is strong enough, due to which it is difficult to ignite. Also, the laminate has excellent noise and heat insulating properties. But linoleum can quickly flare up.

In addition to all that has been said, linoleum, as well as laminate, have a wide variety of color differences that allow you to realize the most daring design ideas.


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