Wood stoves, stone and metal sauna stoves

Wood-burning stoves

Today, everyone has their own proven way to restore vitality and performance. Some go to the seas-oceans, others climb the mountains, many prefer the pristine taiga. But there is an absolute layer of the population that believes that the most effective and constantly effective relaxation can only be a country house with the repeatedly described and praised Russian sauna with a wood-burning stove.

Typically, a bath building is linked into a common architectural ensemble of the entire housing complex. The main building material of which is an environmentally friendly tree. The same material is used as a heating raw material for wood-burning sauna stoves. Wood stoves themselves are by far the most affordable. A reliable and easy-to-use heating unit.

So, you have opted for a wood-burning type of heating stove. For a competent choice, a more specific “live” spark, more specifics are needed, which we will now deal with. Today, there are two types of this class of wood-burning stoves – brick and metal models, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages:

Brick sauna stove

Most fans of steam and extreme temperatures believe that only the usual, environmentally friendly firewood can give you the fullness of a good feeling from visiting a bath. With a unique aroma and additional healing effect. To do this, a wood-burning brick stove is equipped in the bath. This version of the heat converter is valued for the fact that furnaces of this type contribute to the “gentle” uniform heating of the steam room. This contributes to the creation of wonderful conditions for the adoption of medical and recreational procedures.

SCHEME of laying a stove for a bath

The centuries-old bath history has accumulated rich experience in the rational construction of such home thermal “stations” , modern inventors do not lag behind their ancestors, who supplemented the accumulated experience with practical advice and constructive improvements.

Sauna heating stoves have a simplified name “heater”, which occurred due to the fact that the accumulation of thermal energy in these stoves is formed due to cobblestones of a strictly defined grade and shape. These stones effectively heat the room, and are also an active catalyst for the preparation of steam with healing properties in your steam room.

Sauna wood-burning stove made of brick or heater

Sauna wood-burning stoves can be equipped according to the principle of periodic or continuous exposure. They differ from each other in different operating modes:

Wood-burning heating stoves of the periodic principle of operation. In such a furnace, a closed-type heater is used, in which cobblestones are placed in the middle part of its body, right in the chimney channels. Effective heat dissipation of stones occurs only after the final combustion of firewood.

stone stove for a bath

Wood-burning heating stoves of a constant principle of operation. This is a type of open-type heater, in which the stones are placed in the upper part of the brazier in an open case isolated from fire and smoke. With this method, the stove is heated continuously throughout the entire time of the bath. This helps to maintain a constantly even heat reserve in the cobblestones.

bath oven — stone

The second version of a brick wood-burning stove is more advantageous. In the sense that the ingress of dangerous carbon monoxide into the steam room is excluded. Despite the fact that a closed-type heater is capable of heating stones to ultra-high temperatures:

  • lower part up to +1000C,

upper + 700 – +750C – full combustion of soot on its surface is not guaranteed.

Some of them will still get into the atmosphere of the steam room.

Today, methods have been developed that make a brick heater more perfect and devoid of these disadvantages

side flue outlet. To do this, the chimney is specially lengthened (up to 12 m), and the channels themselves are located on the side of the furnace firebox, which helps to double the useful area of ​​u200bu200bheat radiation from the walls. This is achieved by reducing the thickness of the chimney partition from the side of the steam room by half (half a brick). Such a constructive solution makes it possible to increase the “directed” heat transfer due to the passing hot gases. Drop-shaped firebox, slanted, with a barrier. The bottom of the vessel for stones is made beveled or tear-shaped, and on the path of smoke they equip a barrier made of bricks, in which a narrow gap is left in the extreme stones of laying the furnace. Stones receive additional thermal energy from hot carbon monoxide, and this contributes to more efficient heating of the cobblestone.

The main advantage of a brick heater is that the stove is capable of delivering a solid heat output that can heat a room of more than 30 cubic meters. m.. To produce uniform heating of the steam room, which is extremely important and necessary for the steam room, because only in this case deep heating of the human body is possible. Also, this design favors ideal conditions for creating soft concentrated steam. As you can see, a very worthy option, although in order for the heater to give maximum performance, the brazier must be heated for three hours before the procedures.

In addition, do not forget that for such a heavy and massive stove (the weight of the boiler with cobblestones over 500 kg.) you need your own foundation, not connected with the common “sole” of the bath

Wood-fired quick heating metal oven

Fast heating metal oven

The advantage of metal heaters over wood stoves is that such a stove can be “dispersed” to the desired temperature in literally 45-55 minutes. As you can see, in the shortest possible time you will have the opportunity to indulge in medical and health-improving procedures. These stoves are compact, they can be installed in almost any minimum size in the steam room. And such stoves are absolutely indispensable in the case of a mobile bath option. Also, the undoubted advantage of a metal furnace is that it allows you to realize any design ideas. Can be a great element of general sauna decor.

metal sauna stove

Metal stoves with wood heating are made from cast iron or stainless steel. Stainless steel stoves are cheaper and lighter. But to enhance their technical capabilities in high-end analogues, the furnace and chimney channels are made of metal of increased heat resistance with the addition of 17% chromium impurities.

Another very good advantage of a modern wood-burning metal stove . That, if desired, you can change the microclimate in the steam room due to two oven modes – “sauna” and “Russian bath”.

The builder will also be interested in the fact that the metal stove is equipped with a water tank – stationary or removable.

The current generation of wood-burning metal stoves are made with a double metal body. That dramatically increases the speed of heating the room. Thanks to the double casing, convection currents of heated air increase sharply. And the free circulation of heated gases occurs due to special holes in the upper shell.

The double body of the heating furnace has another positive point. Due to this design, the total area of ​​heated surfaces increases.

Another “know-how” of a metal heater is that firewood in this type of stove burns completely. This is facilitated by the ability to increase the power of the flame at the right time. By injecting additional air into the furnace. For example, in the Tunguska stove, which is in great demand, the increase in the strength of fire is solved by special channels for supplying this air “dope”.

As you can see, wood-burning metal stoves have really high performance in different directions. Although, like any most advanced appliance, this type of furnace has its drawbacks:

  • The heating of the room occurs unevenly, “wave-like”;
  • The unit of metal execution is relatively low-power – up to 25 cubic meters;
  • The arrangement of such stoves requires additional fire protection measures.

Are you wondering what type of wood stove to choose?

Only you can give yourself this answer. Because a wood-burning stove must correspond to the result that is desirable for you and which is most suitable, based on the technical parameters of the bath.

Author: A.E. Count

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